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December 7th, 2013, 06:14
These past few days I have been spending time on Small Chronicles' league mode. Since then I have added and changed various things.

The first of all is the information of the next league which you can get promoted to.

As you might have noticed, you can also see the requirement to get promoted to the next league!

And if you were wondering, yes you will be fighting against other players' characters for the stars in the skies!

Every time you win a match, you will gain stars from your opponent's pool.

Be careful though as you will get demoted to a lower league if you lose too many matches!

On the other hand, if you challenge other players and managed to gain enough stars by winning a lot,

You can get promoted to a higher league!

Besides the league ranking and stuff, I have also improved the A.I for the opponents' characters which yours will be fighting.

For example, if a blessing was nearer to your opponent's character than where your character is,

Your opponent's character will head straight for the blessing to gain that advantage in combat!

In another situation,

Since the trap switch is nearer, your opponent's character will move onto it and trigger the trap which your character is standing on!

So if you are already an open beta player, look forward to when league mode comes to Small Chronicles!

If not, you can also join the open beta family here at https://www.facebook.com/SmallChronicles (using the beta signup tab) !
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