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December 8th, 2013, 16:31
Originally Posted by zahratustra View Post
Give this man a silk purse and he will turn it into a sow's ear.
Aww, c'mon now. What weapons do you get in witcher? Sword and Silver Sword and a few stances. I mastered it all too quickly. In Dark Souls every weapon has different animations reaching different ranges and normal, slashing, piercing, thrusting versions of physical damage. Then on top of that you can use the weapons one or two handed which changes the moves again. You pick which to use based on your environment like narrow corridors you dont want wide arcs or you'll hit the wall which will break your swing… So that's two "stances" already, if you like. But then there's ANOTHER set of animations for using a weapon in your offhand, giving you the full three stances from W1. But not just sword and silver sword plus a bunch of potions - you have loads of straight swords, greatswords, axes, maces, curved swords, thrusting swords, ultra greatswords, curved greatswords and polearms - Each with unique moves sets from eachother. Not just sword and silver sword!!

I'm afraid witcher is far from a silk purse.

I'm not saying give it randomised diablo style items.

…and if you have to grind in Dark Souls then you're doing it wrong. Maybe playing it like its Witcher and finding your normal way of thinking isn't getting you anywhere so you're resorting to your normal way of thinking in an tiny area where it works well enough to farm a menial amount of souls.
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