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December 8th, 2013, 17:56
Damn this looks amazing. By far the best thing at VGX. I hope this is the game to finally convince me there's merit to open-world games, because I usually find they get stale fast. But if there's one thing CDProjekt can do, it's breathtaking scenery combined high detail and rich atmosphere. I'm ready to go exploring.

Originally Posted by Tuco View Post
No, they need a better combat and less linearity, but loot wasn't really a problem, especially in the second game.

Loot should be sparse, hand-placed and meaningful.
Games focused too much on hoarding items tend to suck, not to mention how they usually make upgrades meaningless. Look how turning Darksiders II in a diablo-like lootfest killed completely any sense of progression and reward compared to the previous chapter.
Very much agreed on this. Heck, I get annoyed with all the loot and inventory management even in the Witcher. A few subtle upgrades to his Witching equipment at key points is all Geralt needs. Sometimes less is more.
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