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December 8th, 2013, 17:59
Originally Posted by Tuco View Post
No, they need a better combat and less linearity, but loot wasn't really a problem, especially in the second game.

Loot should be sparse, hand-placed and meaningful.
This. If there are a couple of areas that the Witcher could benefit with taking a page out of dark souls its those two. But then again linearity should be taken care of in #3…

More loot was not all that necessary in the witchers with their singular choice of character it would have also been a bit out of place, but that also may have changed a bit for #3 for all we know…

That said, Loot is handplaced and meaningful for the most part in Dark souls! you just have a larger amount of it. No comparison at all to a Diablo game look to Gothic 2 for a similar variety/handling… loot drops from defeated foes are also very specialized and well matched…

Hey I love DS as I am sure I have mentioned once or twice… But I don't want to turn every game into it! Far from it…
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