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December 9th, 2013, 12:37
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post

I'm the sort of person who thinks that Diablo is also very, very similar to Hellgate London - for instance, even though HGL has a third person perspective and much more "player-driven" combat.

Some people consider those two games very different, and perhaps because they don't think so much in "design document/premise" terms as I do.
Whatever! Diablo IS very similar to Hellgate: London. But Hellgate isn't similar to Dark souls, either. Who considers them different?! They're both made by Bill Roper and they both…
Originally Posted by SirJames
Diablo: An Isometric, randomly generated level design, left-click spamfest with randomly generated item prefix/suffix system and very limited inventory space. Dark Souls has none of these features! They're as far separated in systems/design as any two RPGs can be.
DA, I think its time to admit you just don't like Dark Souls cos you got your ass handed to you and ragequit and missed out on the best game to hit PC in years. Don't be mad! Get back on the horse, you can do it!
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