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December 9th, 2013, 12:44
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Oh, I forgot to mention another key similarity between Diablo and Dark Souls. Both games are extremely punishing when it comes to player death.

Diablo is worse, actually, because you lose all your gear if you're not careful.

Difference being that Diablo has "Normal/Nightmare" modes - where Dark Souls starts on "Hell"

Most people confuse Diablo with mindless clicking because they've never played Hell when the game first arrived

People who understand Diablo know that Hell is the real game - and Normal/Nightmare are the tutorials.
I've played plenty of Diablo. I had a level 80something Barbarian in D2 ladder so I understand Hell difficulty, I've got a barb/wizard at 60 in D3. It's still a leftclick fest, only its all about loot. Loot which doesn't change the gameplay from weapon to weapon, but just your attributes like damage or resists.

Dark Souls starts on New Game then goes to New Game+, then NG++, NG+++…..NG++++++.
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