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December 9th, 2013, 12:50
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
I've played plenty of Diablo. I had a level 80something Barbarian in D2 ladder so I understand Hell difficulty, I've got a barb/wizard at 60 in D3. It's still a leftclick fest, only its all about loot. Loot which doesn't change the gameplay from weapon to weapon, but just your attributes like damage or resists.

Dark Souls starts on New Game then goes to New Game+, then NG++, NG+++…..NG++++++.
So, you understand that your character build in D2 was essential as well? You could build your entire character around specific loot setups. Loot could change everything.

Loot wasn't "random" in terms of planning. It was just not pre-ordained to drop at specific locations.

Again, the difference between Dark Souls and Diablo when it comes to combat - is that Dark Souls is player-driven and Diablo is character-driven. PRIMARILY, as obviously both character and player matter to some extent in both.




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