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December 9th, 2013, 12:13
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
That, or you suck at putting yourself in the shoes of people who're not irrationally attached to everything in Dark Souls - who're able to see where exploration, story and NPC interaction falter in it.

I know which I'm betting on
But you're the one who hasn't played long enough to explore in order to find the NPCs and items which build a story slowly like a mystery. Like Myst, which I know you liked. How do you know the game falters in these areas if you don't get to them.

I put myself in your shoes and I deduct that if you were able to beat the combat challenges you'd have got to the story, and therefore you have not because you were not. You died, spat your dummy out and said the game sucks.

If you got to Hell in diablo and think thats where the game starts then what do you care about story, really? There's no exploration, the levels are random and you forgot about it. Shows how much you love exploration, really.

I'm not irrationally attached to DS, I can think of so many ways to improve upon it, but its the game which comes closest to the ideal RPG for me and I think RPGs need to work in that direction and not become like world of warcraft or something.

The way WoW handles quests is horrible. They're meaningless. I think finding a quest should be like finding a super rare artifact. Like in MajorMUD when you went on your allignment quest to commander Markus and it was such a big deal and you were so excited. Not just filling your quest log with crappy tasks for chumps and grinding them all out.
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