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December 9th, 2013, 13:24
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
But you're the one who hasn't played long enough to explore in order to find the NPCs and items which build a story slowly like a mystery. Like Myst, which I know you liked. How do you know the game falters in these areas if you don't get to them.
Because I played Demon's Souls for a LONG time and beat most of it - and there's no way someone with your attitude can convince me that Dark Souls is an entirely different game.

There's no evidence to support it whatsoever. It's the same engine, the same developers, and the hours I spent with it felt EXACTLY the same except for the fact that it wasn't one hub connected to 4 areas.

Official reviews emphasise the non-linearity as the primary difference as well - and the developers were always clear about keeping the formula intact.

I remember people claiming that Demon's Souls had a great story as well - and that exploration was interesting.

I don't think it had a great story and I don't think exploration was all that interesting.

I do appreciate that you could "unlock" different entrances to levels as a shortcut (much like Diablo, incidentally) - and that you had machinery that operated doors in a 3D environment. That was cool - but it's not really the kind of exploration I value the most.

I put myself in your shoes and I deduct that if you were able to beat the combat challenges you'd have got to them, and therefore you have not because you were not. You died, spat your dummy out and said the game sucks.
From what I know of you, you have quite a lot of life to live before you could put yourself in my shoes.

You sound like a 12-year old who's genuinely proud of investing himself into a computer game.

But then again, you're making some kind of joke, right?

If you got to Hell in diablo and think thats where the game starts then what do you care about story, really? There's no exploration, the levels are random and you forgot about it. Shows how much you love exploration, really.
I forgot to mention it and I explained why it's not a big deal to me for these games - because exploration doesn't work for me in DS, so random or no - it's still pretty boring to me.

As I said at first, I've changed a lot since I played Diablo. I no longer care about endless punishing combat and exclusive focus on character progression.

I used to care when I was younger and I felt it was worth my time. Probably because I had more time and I hadn't played so many games that were so similar.

I also remember a time when I considered besting an AI some kind of feat - and not just the inevitable result of investment I see it as today.

You'd have to be physically or mentally disabled NOT to best an AI - if you invest yourself. It's a computer game designed for mass consumption. Ok, if you're 70 years old - it might take extra work, but that's about it for being a real challenge.

I'm not irrationally attached to DS, I can think of so many ways to improve upon it, but its the game which comes closest to the ideal RPG for me and I think RPGs need to work in that direction and not become like world of warcraft or something.
I don't see what wanting it to improve has to do with being rational.

It's very simple. A rational human being understands that people like different things for different reasons.

You love the combat system and you obviously think the exploration was worthwhile because you could expand your arsenal by looking around. That's fair - and I have no problem understanding that.

I would probably have loved it 10-15 years ago.

I was quite happy with Demon's Souls for a while, afterall.

The way WoW handles quests is horrible. They're meaningless. I think finding a quest should be like finding a super rare artifact. Like in MajorMUD when you went on your allignment quest to commander Markus and it was such a big deal and you were so excited. Not just filling your quest log with crappy tasks for chumps and grinding them all out.
Yes, and finding a super rare artifact that no one else could find in a casual themepark MMO designed around communities and competition around a level playing field would work really well
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