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December 9th, 2013, 13:44
“That may be true, but I'm a fighter and a leader! I'm strong but fair, and often misunderstood. I will correct you with tactical knowledge rather than blame you or question "why?". I'm definitely a player you'd want in your group if you wanted to slay the dragon, but I have little patience in waiting while you listen to every sob story of petty townsfolk beneath me. I AM THE HERO!”

The Witcher games are designed to allow you to role play as Geralt of Rivia, a pre defined character. You cannot role play the Witcher games as anything other than Geralt of Rivia. The above quote illustrates that you have not bought into the character Geralt of Rivia since he is nothing like what you described above and there for you will not enjoy the Witcher games.

Your initial complaint was this

“Witcher games need more loot. If they made it like Dark Souls with heaps of weapons I'd be more interested. “

But it makes no sense for Geralt to want “heaps of weapons” so they game wasn’t designed to have this. I don’t believe the new game will have this either.

There is a separate debate about the merits of playing a pre defined character in a RPG but if you remove or alter the character of Geralt then you won’t have a Witcher game anymore since Geralt is the Witcher and defines the nature of the game.
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