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December 11th, 2013, 04:44
Guys I know you just want to help, but cmon. I'm pretty sure NoRespawn or SlowRespawn mods are not in Nexus top100.

I got what I wanted. Removed grinding and improved functionality of UI. Can't think of anything else that I would really love to see changed/improved apart from the official patch that's never coming.

Most of stuff I've noticed on Steam Workshop are attempts to make some eyecandy additions, but I'm not into it as IMO the game looks good already and I'm not playing it by on a 5x5m wall. Honestly I don't need those, I don't play games strictly for visuals (although nice looking things in a game is always a plus). So let's see #2 mod on Nexus is ENB. I don't want that. Sorry. Then some Selene mod, then a few places after another with armors variety… Get lost, I don't want to play Diablo for loot. Converted hair from Sims2 is #12 mod? For god's sakes…

Guys, honestly. I can understand you, but can you understand me?

Just thought of one more thing I want. Is there a mod that tells Lydia not to block doors/passages?
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