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December 11th, 2013, 09:08

Loot questions at Pool of Radiance.

Exploiting a random loot at the old rope guild trolls, and after about 3 hours of quits & reloads (for which macro programs are handy) + autofight, I found these quite worthy items, but cannot decide which set to choose:

a- 2-handed sword +3,
b- broad sword +2, long sword +2,
c- cloak of displacement,
d- ring of invisibility
e- 2x ring of fire resistance
f- bag of holding,

a & b:
-will such powerful weapons abundant?

- seems to be the most worthy, coz of cumulative effect with other AC enhancers

-is invisibility effective only till the 1st attack or attacking spell casting of wearer?
-Or casting buff spells doesn’t interrupt its effect?
-Also, will invisibility not return after a (few)passive round?

- for later stages of game against spellcasters / breathers seems quite important.

-it decreases encumbrance, but really handy?
-will not items disappear if “bag” overloaded, as wiki states it in general about this ad&d item?

—— rumored item: Cloak of Elvenkind ——

some dude said it exists in PoR (though no FAQ mentions it) and found it right after this troll battle.
-False rumour?

Thanx for info.
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