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December 11th, 2013, 17:45
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
If just as a tablet, then the Surface Pro 2 is pretty small - but at $1000 is not cheap at all.

In terms of size I guess it depends on your usage - if you plan to use a keyboard, realize that the effective footprint of the Surface Pro 2 suddenly becomes the same as a 15" laptop because of how the setup works.

I would suggest the Lenovo Yoga Pro - it is slightly bigger overall, but with better keyboard, screen, cheaper (after adding keyboard to Surface) and people I have talked to who have used both say there is no comparison.

But again - it is all based on what you plan to use it for.
Well, it would primarily be a portable gaming machine - and I'd like to use it in bed without the keyboard on occasion as well.

But it's not exactly a high priority right now.

As for the keyboard, I tested a small one at the shop and it seemed quite fine for my needs. I don't intend to type a lot - and I have no idea why I'd want a big keyboard, as I'm not going to use it as a primary gaming machine. Then again, I have several keyboards lying around - and I could always use one of them, if I decided a small keyboard was not comfortable enough, though I don't see any issue. I would never use it for serious "immersive" gaming, but rather for adventures and old-school strategy games and RPGs.

A small keyboard would serve my needs in 99% of the cases - and I wouldn't need to carry around a big one when I'm on the go.

But I'll check out the Yoga pro - but I'm not really seeing the advantage as it's bigger. Then again, I don't intend to buy one right now.




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