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December 12th, 2013, 06:32
I love all of the Gothic games. The first one in the series will always be special for me because I spent about 100 hours playing it and it's the first game that I really put that kind of effort into. Really is the game that got me into gaming.

I spent even more hours on 2, which I bought immediately after finishing the first. It's a great game, but is plagued by some very frustrating bugs(true of the first as well).

The 3rd Gothic is epic. Also, more than 100 hours time on that game. It's almost unplayable from what I hear with any patching, but if you install the latest community patch it's great.

Gothic 4 is also a great game on PC, with all the patches installed. The game is, however, horrifically bad on Xbox, I'm talking unplayable bad. Being a PC gamer, I don't really care, but someone gave it to me as a gift for Xbox. After trying it, my impression was OMG, this is some real crap, what happened? Later,a gaming friend of mine told me that it's really good on PC, so I bought it, and he was right.

Risen is also one of my favorite action RPGs, ever.

The only game in the series that I was really disappointed with is Risen 2, which I bought on the first day of it's release. It's just not a very good game at all, compared to all the other games developed by Piranha bytes. And yes, I know that 4 was not developed by Piranha bytes, but it's still a very good game on PC.

I would rate the Gothic/Risen games in this order, best to worst.

Gothic 1
Gothic 3
Gothic 2
Gothic 4
Risen 2

Yeah, I know, most people say that Gothic 2 is the best. 3 is actually better with the community patch, and Risen 1 is a truly great game(except for the absurdly stupid ending). For me, 2 has too many extremely frustrating, game ending bugs that have not ever been fixed(I had to restart the game once, and twice go back to much earlier saves before I could finish it).

I for one am excited that Piranha Bytes is going to make another game. I just hope they learned something from their last disappointing effort and that the new game is more like Gothic 1, 2, or 3, or the first Risen.
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