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December 12th, 2013, 07:13
My bet ?
A darker Risen 3 with some more elements from the Gothics.

The Name(*) doesn't matter as much as the gameplay and world design approach.

If they go bak to their roots on the "sandboxy" approach (as we have discussed) of the older games and design their world around bigger, more complex open ended areas then they will have my money on day 1 as usual

Gotta admit though that if they name the game Gothic nostalgia may play a number on me again anyways If there is a company that is still in business that I could be called a fanboy of its probably them

(* and By this I also mean the setting. I liked the Pirate setting well enough although I prefer the original one, true. But they are welcome to try any setting they feel like. They always do such an amazing job od designing believable worlds and populating them with realistic characters with gritty humorous competently written dialog that I feel they could easily do Scifi Steampunk or anything else they put their minds to )

P.S At any rate it is alway good to hear they are keeping hale and busy. And if you think about it, the fact alone that they publicly recognize and promise a return to the roots is worth gold! Yeah I am starting to feel the treacherous worm of hope in my heart
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