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December 12th, 2013, 09:19
He makes some very good points and again brings me back to the observation that a lot of Kickstarter projects could benefit from consulting with people who have marketing experience. Developing games and marketing are two very different areas, some people can do both well, many can't. This isn't an area most developers have to worry about as publishers generally push the product. Since Kickstarter circumvents the publisher, the developers need to have a well thought out plan on how to attract backers and the key is absolutely identifying and understanding the audience.

Of course, the article doesn't discuss other factors like the holiday season and what seems to be a recent uptick in RPG projects looking for funding.

Edit: Also curious just how good of a job these projects do leveraging the data mining stuff Kickstarter provides. Swen has either a blog or backer update for D:OS where he posted screen shots of some of the data tracking and it was very clear not only was he paying attention to the data, he could analyze it and adjust his plans using it. It's a very fundamental practice but it's surprising how many normal companies fail to properly leverage their own data.
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