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December 12th, 2013, 08:21
Personally I agree with you vurt. And it is quite possible they have started to view things the same way too.

They were a bit afraid to touch that hot potato until recently I believe i.e. this quote from Sascha Henrichs:
11. Would you like to go back to developing a new Gothic game?

Oh, ok, the following only represents my own opinion:

To be honest: not really. Whoever will develop a new Gothic, will get his fingers burned. He will be slashed by magazines and burned alive by die hard fans.

The expectations for this game would be so high, we couldn’t meet them.

The times have changed, the Gothic games lived up by a different mood, we were much more experimental back in the day. Gothic was something that was very exciting and the player could feel this loose and playful approach, but such things also led to exorbitant developing times and many many bugs. We fixed this, but we also parted from this sand box developing approach.

What is this desperate need for a new Gothic game? What is expected? Well, a Gothic 1 extension is expected. Basically the same game, but more of it and in a fresh looking environment. Despite the fact, that our company is no more the same like back in the day and we would have a hard time, getting back that “feel”, chances are, we would be accused of plagiarism and lack of innovation.

Like "copy-pasting" our selves. These are accusations we actually have to face very often; nearly after every new project. But in combination with a new Gothic, this would be terrible for the Gothic universe.

When we do this, this one has to be nailed. It has to be fabulous in every aspect and there should be a huge and long planning phase. I believe it will be developed some day. But not now.

I think what he says makes a lot of sense. But maybe they have come around to see it as their only chance to win the fandom (and some sales) back. I would have taken the bargain personally. But it might get them burned if they screw it up…

At any rate:
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