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December 12th, 2013, 11:44
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
It was again Rosenkrantz. It was the first time that they had enough budget for an orchestra and a professional composer to help with the arrangement (its hard to transcribe music for a whole orchestra without formal training and experience).

I loved his low key stuff from the first 2 ofcourse also. They did an excellent job of setting and supplementing the atmosphere in an almost subversive way as I am sure I've said often enough.
Yep, for lowkey music - it's excellent. But I prefer the more "cinematic" and moving stuff - as long as it's not just that.

I guess I have the same opinion as Ridley Scott - as he's also a strong proponent of "moving" music

Incidentally, I love the music in nearly all his movies. Certainly the older stuff.

And yeah G3 music was amazing: ranging from the mellow to the low key to the eerily atmospheric to the bombastic with impressive deftness and aplomb…

P.S the G3 OST is a mainstay on my MusicLib on the Macbook. And every time I hear a pice it does a number on me to start a G3 replay… Damn Nostalgia
Hehe, Gothic 3 is possibly the best broken game I've ever played.

I was glued to the screen for 60-70 hours at release - and it took a LONG time before I had to accept it was too broken to finish.

The world was amazing.




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