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December 12th, 2013, 13:43
As I said, it will be more than sufficient for Fallen Enchantress - barring any weird compatibility issues.

Obviously, you have to care more about reality than irrelevant benchmarks and imprecise sys. requirements.

If we were to care about those - here's an article detailing how the SP2 can run games like Portal 2, LoL, Diablo 3 and SC2 at medium-high settings with good frame rates.

It can even run something like Bioshock Infinite - though you'll have to use low settings:


For kicks, here's the D3 requirements:


As you can see, it has higher demands than FE. Needs higher clocked dual core cards (dual core 2.2 vs 2.8), and better graphics cards (Gefore 6800 vs 7800).

But I don't care about articles - as I rely on my experience for this sort of thing. I've played both Elemental and Fallen Enchantress on inferior hardware - and they're both just fine. Not exactly high performance - but more than adequate. My Mx11 Alienware Laptop, for instance, played FE just recently with reasonable frame rates - and it's VERY close to SP2 in terms of performance if we look at benchmarks.

Meaning, I actually know what I'm talking about.

No, SP2 isn't a gaming machine - but it's fine for a lot of games if you accept the inherent limitations of a tablet platform.

TXA will back that up here, as he's a great fan of the Intel HD 4000 series for gaming.

I guess we know what value we should attribute "proof" provided by SirJames
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