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December 12th, 2013, 14:38
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Don't embarrass yourself further.

The question was:

Anyway ignoring the shortcomings of touch interface, can the new windows tablets be used for gaming?

The argument was about Fallen Enchantress - and I've provided more than enough proof that it should be fully playable.
My answer to that question is much the same as yours. Tablets are awful for games. You may as well have informed this user that any PC that runs windows can be used for gaming, if you're happy to have low settings with low framerates, if you can get the games to run at all. Is that really helpful information for someone looking to play games?

What you have in this tablet is a completely awful PC running Windows 8 when it should be on XP. I never said it was impossible to make the games boot up, I just said it's awful for games. Can they be used for gaming? Would a gamer buy one? How do they compare to other PC hardware at that price? I've offered a lot more information with which to base a purchase than you have.

What proof? You linked a video of Skyrim (hardly making 30fps on low settings)which has CPU requirements well below FE. I don't think you appreciate how much CPU FE requires to run smoothly. It's not well programmed. Especially with a large map and large number of AI players making large numbers of towns. Every time you end turn it'll smash that 4200U cpu into the ground. I preordered War of Magic so I've played every beta release, I've played the game on three separate systems and I'd say if you want a good experience with that game you want a killer system! And if you want to know how to make a killer system to run the latest PC games with cranked graphics and maximum performance I won't lead you astray!
Please note that Fallen Enchantress is the only game of the suggested titles I don't think will run satisfactorily at all.

This tablet is just crap. They all are! You'd buy one and it would be covered in dust in a month cos your phone does everything it does already. Avoid tablets and get a gaming laptop if you HAVE to move around. But if you have a home then get a desktop.
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