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December 12th, 2013, 13:49
Again, I've played FE on very similar hardware (low clocked dual core, 335M - which is nearly identical to HD 4400 in terms of performance) - and it runs fine, and it's just a turn-based game. You don't need it to run smooth - but if you set it low enough, it'll run ok smooth and that's NOT cloth map mode.

If you think I'm a liar - that's not proof.

But people who follow my posts know that I'm not a liar and I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else.

The OP was talking about GoG games and oldies that he might be able to play on "these new" windows tablets. He was genuinely curious - and I've provided answers that deal exactly with his question, and not some imaginary question like "can a tablet replace my desktop high-end gaming machine?"

In your imaginary world - the question is about whether tablets are ideal gaming machines - or if someone should buy a tablet exclusively for gaming that includes high-end stuff.

I don't know why you'd think anyone here would seriously expect a tablet to match a desktop for gaming. Care to elaborate why you keep harping on tablets not being great for high-end gaming?

Here's another part of the OP:

I am not talking bleeding edge graphics games but say 4+ year old games like jade empire, kult, BG2, divine divinity etc.

All of those games will likely run fine or even great on the Surface Pro 2.

I get it, though, you're this old-school super gamer that can play Dark Souls like a champ - and everyone else in the world obviously plays games like you - for the same reasons, and will need a high-end machine for gaming, because there's no way a tablet could have other uses and just be a back-up gaming machine for old games when on the go, right?

Again, you're using an emotional attachment to "gaming" - and you don't understand that people like different things for different reasons. Also, they have different needs.

"Gaming" can actually mean something other than high-end gaming with the ideal setup.

Amazing, isn't it?




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