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December 12th, 2013, 14:55
Originally Posted by Menigal View Post
Skyrim's my default game when I'm not into anything else. Normally I finish playing something else, have an idea for a character, start fresh and wander around a while, then stop playing when I get into another game, then I get another character idea when I finish that, repeat ad nauseum.
My default game is sadly not RPG. It's MOBA League of Legends.
"Normally I finish playing something else", then return to LoL and have fun for a while, "then stop playing when I get into another game". In League of Legends there are over 100 different heroes to play with, not to mention weekly patches and season item/map/rune/mastery changes so it's never boring.

Why Skyrim isn't my default game? Because it's not anything like my previous default game - FO2. In FO2, in every replay, I'd discover something new. In Skyrim all I can discover is a new… Not an item. Not a story. You know what.

And I'm now replaying Skyrim and bloody Cultists attacked me in Ingstaad (IIRC that's the name of the village). Of course I defended and then village guards killed me. And I didn't touch them during the fight! (The solution to this annoyance if anyone cares is to run away outside of the village since cultists are scripted to follow you so you get attacked outside of guards' vision).

Another tragedy happened when I returned to my home to chest the heavy loot from Lydia's back and I've heard something like "you'll now die" before I entered my home and then some Vampire Elite or something entered my house after me and attacked, the house I couldn't unlock and enter before I've bought the key for it. But of course, you're dragonborn and that's the reason you can't enter where you want, while hostiles in this game not only are immortal but can enter anywhere.
I killed it, and now the corpse is still on the floor. And I dunno how to kick it out of my goddamned house!

Fun? No. It's just a nice looking game that got thousands awards obvioulsy only because of it's visuals. But is still IMO "subpar".
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