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December 12th, 2013, 15:09
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Again, I've played FE on very similar hardware (low clocked dual core, 335M - which is nearly identical to HD 4400 in terms of performance) - and it runs fine, and it's just a turn-based game. You don't need it to run smooth - but if you set it low enough, it'll run ok smooth and that's NOT cloth map mode.

If you think I'm a liar - that's not proof.

But people who follow my posts know that I'm not a liar and I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else.
You're telling me it "runs fine" on that hardware? I suppose you're going to tell me there's a flying spaghetti monster in the sky after that? The onus of proof is on you, my dear boy! I don't see how you're not a liar. Where your proof that it runs fine on systems that don't make minimum requirements? A skyrim video? Diablo3 system requirements? Irrelevant!

Meanwhile, I've shown comparative benchmarks, the minimum system requirements of the title, more insight into its architecture as a windows PC. While you've said "well, my friend says HD4000 is good for games", which my benchmarks would strongly disagree with.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Here's another part of the OP:

I am not talking bleeding edge graphics games but say 4+ year old games like jade empire, kult, BG2, divine divinity etc.

All of those games will likely run fine or even great on the Surface Pro 2.
Never said these would be an issue, did I?

Lets refresh your memory about what I said!

Originally Posted by SirJames
The long answer is: you'll be able to get some older games running, sure, but you'll be paying the maximum possible price to do so while receiving zero benefits from having a tablet. I wouldn't even recommend a gaming laptop if you're serious about quality and performance.

They're not gaming devices and were never designed with gamers in mind.

Fallen Enchantress is surprisingly tough on your hardware so unless you wanted to run it in "cloth map" only mode with sluggish controls I'd avoid this one. However, It should be able to run Pacman well.
You might be surprised to find that you're surprised at how tough it is on your hardware. Try scrolling across a whole endgame map… Your tablet will probably crash to desktop.
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