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December 12th, 2013, 14:15
Oh, so when you provide anecdotal, sys req and data sheet "proof" it's solid, but when I do the same it's a lie? Ok

No worries, though. I don't need to communicate efficiently with you.

Never said these would be an issue, did I?
if you're happy to have low settings with low framerates, if you can get the games to run at all. Is that really helpful information for someone looking to play games?

That was you - and yet it doesn't apply to ANY of the games mentioned except FE - according to your "proof" - and I've never claimed FE would have high frame rates on high settings. I said it was reasonably smooth on medium settings, given that it's a turn-based game. My estimate would be 15-20 FPS when scrolling around the map in FE (which is significantly optimised from WoM) - and that's perfectly acceptable to me in a turn-based game. I always play on large maps and turn times being slow is hardly relevant. Lategame Civ 5 turn times are like a dog on a top-end PC, for instance. It's just part of the territory.

But you seem to agree that a tablet will run all the other games mentioned fine to great - so we agree on that, at least.

Still not getting the whole emotionally charged anti-tablet sermon on top - and I hope the OP can sort that out and focus on the answers he was looking for

I tend to provide emotionally neutral information when answering questions. That way, people can decide for themselves without superfluous bullshit.

But don't let me change your helpful and neutral attitude




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