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December 12th, 2013, 15:33
Well, Maybe I can address it more specifically so you can understand.

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Is that an oxymoron?
Yes, pretty much.

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Anyway i have been buying lot of games on gog.com and few old/indie games via all the bundle sales. I am wondering if the new windows tablets will be any good at playing them? I am not talking bleeding edge graphics games but say 4+ year old games like jade empire, kult, BG2, divine divinity etc. Maybe some new indi games like Legend of Grimrock, Fallen Enchantress etc.
You can probably get all of these running acceptably except for Fallen Enchantress.
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Most tablets seems to come with Intel atom cpu. How good is it? There are some top end tablets with dual core i5 cpu as well. I guess the i5 should be good enough?
The Atom is absolutely revolting. I'll instead examine the latest CPU offered in tablet PCs; the i5-4200u from the Surface Pro 2. Please check out these benchmarks so you can accurately place its power, power to value ratio, etc.
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Most of the tablets don't seem to have good graphic chip. I think they come with Intel integrate graphic chip. Not sure if its any good.
It's not any good. Be sure of that with aid of these helpful benchmarks. As you can see in these results, the Surface Pro 2's "HD 4400" has almost no power at all, its power: value ratio is a 0.00. Avoid!
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Anyway ignoring the shortcomings of touch interface, can the new windows tablets be used for gaming?
The short answer is "No."

The long answer is: you'll be able to get some older games running, sure, but you'll be paying the maximum possible price to do so while receiving zero benefits from having a tablet. You'd buy one and it would be covered in dust in a month cos your phone does everything it does already. I wouldn't even recommend a gaming laptop if you're serious about quality and performance at a good price.

Tablet PCs are not gaming devices and were never designed with gamers in mind.

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I would ignore SirJames in this case.
Would you really, though?

Originally Posted by DAs penny arcade link
Summing it up

I need to say this again: You’re insane if you’re buying a Surface Pro 2 just to game. There are better solutions out there for the money, and you’re going to need to do some tweaking and graphical management if you hope to play graphically intensive games at all, much less with a high frame rate. This is not a gaming machine, nor was it designed to be.
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c) DA is in love with me!
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Anyway, I'm done here… Going in circles about this is even more of a waste than usual
What, before admitting you were wrong? That's not like you!
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