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December 12th, 2013, 16:31
I see that the love in continues even in here

Looking at the tablets specs, I knew that they are not designed for gaming in mind let alone replace a proper desktop PC. The reason for posting is to find out if you can get “decent” gaming experience in windows tablets. Based on all the info provided here I think you can get better than “decent” gaming experience. After seeing that Skyrim video I would say its “good” gaming experience since I used to get about 40fps in my old PC! I have seen videos of WoW and the new NWN games played on the SP2.

My only issue now is the price and I can’t afford to spend 800+ since the main use of this tablet will be gaming and I recently bought a PC for gaming as well!

Plus I don’t think I will get SP2 since I think other windows 8 tablets (from ASUS etc) seem to be better value.
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