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December 12th, 2013, 17:10
So, I've been thinking. I know, miracles never cease. Anyhoo, I'm looking at my stable and trying to do some plotting and planning. Thought I'd bounce it off folks, both for any advice as well as the chance for my plans to dovetail nicely with the plans of others.

First off, class intentions. I want to try an assassin rogue, a druid of some flavor (just cuz), and a long-overdue return to my pointy stick roots. I don't think I play the game enough to plan much beyond that.

Second, group intentions. The plan was to use the rogue for our next TR group and fill a trap monkey slot for us next time around. The other 2 would probably work for the group as well, if it came down to it. I figure we'll probably be running our current crew until late spring or early summer, in round numbers.

Third, epic intentions. I still don't really care much about epic levels. I've run most of the epic level quests at least once, but I haven't done many of the heroic/epic versions at epic level. Don't know that I really care. I'm currently parking Phuury (lvl25 pale master) up there to be available, but my long-term plan is to turn Shadohe (monk, currently lvl17) into my epic runner and bring Phuury back around. Shadohe solos fairly well, so I'll probably pivot my solo/off-session time over to her in order to get her into the epics.

It makes good sense to slot RhoGu for the assassin spot since he'll have rogue and arty past lives. I've also slowly been adding trap monkey skill tomes to him. The unfortunate problem is that he's ready to go now but we won't be needing him until May. You know me, I get antsy with my TRs.

Stable-wise, I've got Wouldii at 6 and Botdu at 13. I've been focusing on Wouldii recently since he's a 3rd lifer (opens elite) and solos fairly well, but I might look at pivoting off him before too long so he can cover the 6-9 levels to run with others. Bot's a little high for the 10-13 grouping, but so it goes. I'll probably park him for a while.

On to toon-specifics. I don't have any real plans for Klubbir once the Friday group caps. Since I've decided for roleplay reasons that she has to stay a warforged forever, I'll probably bring her around as an arty, but I guess I'm not overly concerned with her right now. It probably doesn't make sense to slot her for the pointy stick role, though, since I've decided warforged don't make good melee toons. I never have gotten very attached to her, probably due to her dumpster fire of a first life. Phuury probably has the best synergy to be the druid whenever I bring him around. Not sure what sort of druid he'd be. Most likely he'd end up similar to Az's melee-with-healing build, but I might get crazy and do a caster build. Haven't really looked at the class much yet.

In the end, covering epics has forced some holes in my stable, both level-wise and role-wise. Generally speaking, it takes a stable of 5 toons to cover the heroic levels. #6 becomes the Friday toon. Technically, once you have to cover epics, you can't do it properly without additional toons. Soooo, I've been thinking about starting a new toon. I need another toon like I need a hole in the head and I dread having to open on normal again. It would probably be my pointy stick, which means he/she won't solo easily, either. Gah.

So, I guess the questions before the house are:
1) has anyone else given thought to their role in the next TR group? If others are interested in the trap monkey role, that gives me license to rush RhoGu's TR. If we'll need trap monkeys, I'm perfectly fine with filling that slot since that was my plan all along anyway—it just means I've got to get over my TR itch and put RhoGu on ice for a few months.
2) start another toon?
3) any development options I'm missing or mistakes I'm making?

Shadohe to epic, then TR Phuury to druid
RhoGu TR to assassin rogue…with group?
Wouldii and Bot do stable work
Klubbir is Friday toon and who cares what her future is
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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