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December 13th, 2013, 00:45
I think my plan is to go insane. Then, probably just pick up Rachail on the next group. She's level 3, and has run a fair bit of stuff, but as a 3rd lifer, can use the xp. It does mean I'll miss out on Korthos ()

This fills one of the trapper slots.

Alternately, I can TR with 9 more tokens, and could theoretically bring Susan or Pump or Fireflash back down as something else if someone else wants trapper duties. Like Peter, since he's so fond of it. Mirys has a heart banked, but obviously we would actually need to hit 20 with our current characters to Tr her.

This opens me up to pretty much any needed position.

On the level spread, I'm actually getting cramped up top. I have a 3, 10, 15, 18, and the rest 20+. Aneira will likely be at 20 soon.

As for tomorrow, I have no idea if I'm working say or not. Not scheduled for it, and we caught up, but you never know. I doubt it though. There is some call for more bad weather though, so who knows.

As for the 20th, I may have to work that saturday. So don't be surprised.

Shutdown begins on the 23rd, and goes to the 1st. I have no plans, outside of Christmas day.
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