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December 13th, 2013, 20:45
I will probably TR my level 23 cleric into a cleric again. That means we have a healing capable toon. He's just being kept at the epic level so he can TR at the same time as the others.

My artificer and monk will also TR if needed. So we could have another trapper and melee. My monk is 17 (holding 18), but can quickly get to 20.

My level 28 fighter and 26 cleric will remain at the epic levels. Maybe they will use the epic TR to get back to 20 if we want to run though epic stuff for newly arriving level 20 toons.

My level 15 fighter will play on Fridays until we decide to swap to a different Friday toon train. I want to TR him asap since I don't like the half-elf race after the enhancement changes. He will probably become a human.
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