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December 13th, 2013, 21:34
After additional thinking, RhoGu as an assassin rogue will be hot garbage as a solo toon, so I'm probably better off designating him for the group. Also, quick question- after a quick glance, it looks like the Nature's Warden tree pretty well sucks, meaning a melee druid (at least one that uses animal forms) pretty well sucks. Caster druid FTW?

So (obviously, this ain't a binding contract and we're all pretty flexible, so subject to change):
Trap monkey #1: Az
Trap monkey #2: dte
Healing ability #1: Peter
Healing ability #2:……….(cleric, FvS, druid, bard)
Melee #1:
Melee #2:
Open #1: Corwin wizzy
Open #2:

No bid yet: CM, Reywind, Aletys, JM
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