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December 13th, 2013, 22:01
I plan to keep my Friday toon (Lyahnna) as a rogue, specifically as a trap monkey. Since I only play her once a week, I'm still figuring out how to do that. Of my other active toons, I've got:
  • Bryhana (arcane ranger) sitting at level 24 (though she's actually got enough xp to hit level 26). Will eventually TR her back into an AA, though may splash her with some rogue levels.
  • Jhianna (Cleric) is sitting at level 23, and will eventually TR back into a cleric
  • Elysanna (artificer) is at level 21, and will eventually TR back into an arty, but may change race
  • Diahnna (Archmage wizard) is level 15, and I don't know what I'll do with her next life, but have been using her to run with folks who want someone to run with for catchup, etc.
  • Leliahnna (wizard/rogue) is currently at level 6, same role as Diahnna, currently running with Jo's Brialle. Don't know what I'll do with her either.

I'm not planning on TR'ing Bryhana, Jhianna or Elysanna anytime soon. I'm enjoying playing them at the epic levels (and it's all new to me).

Diahnna & Leliahnna are TBD at this point. Playing a non-cleric spellcaster is new to me & I'm still figuring out. They're also primarily my "makeup helper" toons.

As far as doing an epic level quest each week, I think that would be great. I'd recommend including Devil Assault on a fairly regular basis, as it not only reliably yields tokens, but also Shroud mats. Well, at least it usually does. Right now all anything (including the Shroud) is yielding is festival coins. My last three Shroud runs yielded maybe 1-2 shards total for the entire group and very few mats. My last two Devil Assault runs have yielded mostly coins instead of tokens/shards/Shroud mats.
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