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December 14th, 2013, 03:14
I, for one, am NOT sorry I backed this, and I still feel the same way I felt during the KS campaign when everybody was complaining that this wasn't fitting in their narrow views of what a CRPG should be.

Lord British has his muse back and is looking to find the next evolution in computer gaming, and I'm curious to see what he comes up with. He clearly sees MANY things wrong in current MMO's, some of which are expressed in the linked articles in this newsbit. He is spot on when he says that it doesn't matter if you're playing in a realm with 10,000 other players, if all of those players run right by you without interacting with you at all, and all standing around getting the same quest as you without saying a word. If he's able to make a game that has the same level of immersion and story-telling and feel as a single player game, but allows people to interact with each other in natural ways in-game, it could be a big step forward for online gaming.

Personally, I'm glad that somebody is trying to advance the MMO genre in intelligent ways beyond its very basic and rudimentary forms that are used now, and I'm happy to put a few bucks behind the cause…
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