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December 14th, 2013, 06:38
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
So (obviously, this ain't a binding contract and we're all pretty flexible, so subject to change):
Trap monkey #1: Az
Trap monkey #2: dte
Healing ability #1: Peter
Healing ability #2:.(cleric, FvS, druid, bard)
Melee #1: CM
Melee #2:
Open #1: Corwin wizzy
Open #2: Reywind wizzy

No bid yet: Aletys, JM
Updates, see bold above. I'm not sure which toon from her list Aletys had in mind for the group. Really, I'm doing this WAAAAAY too early--keep in mind that this next group won't get started for several months. One thing to consider is that the assassin rogue might sorta pass for a melee. Having 3 trap monkeys wouldn't be all bad since we'd have more flexibility when splitting the group. Don't seem to have any takers on that 2nd healing spot. Maybe it works better if I plan on running Phuury as a druid. Sorry folks, my compulsion to plan is running amok. Amok, I tell ya.
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