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December 14th, 2013, 07:11
Originally Posted by Badesumofu View Post
I don't think of it so much as charging for Beta access as simply limiting the number of people involved in it. You don't need 70k people beta testing. Limiting it to the most dedicated backers seems pretty reasonable to me - those people have more invested in the game are more likely to be good testers.
I doubt very much this small development team even has the manpower that would be required to go though that much feedback, let along analyze it and act upon it. My guess is they've got a small list of people they're relying upon as actual beta testers.

This early access thing is a pretty good idea for them, in my opinion. Since they're fairly sure it's going to be well received, they get to generate a lot of buzz and be paid a premium price for the final product at the same time. Wouldn't work for everyone, but I don't see any downside for Wasteland 2.
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