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December 14th, 2013, 08:02
What is certainly important to specify is that what is shown in this video is only one of several possible paths.
The main interest of this game, in my opinion, is that there's a lot of paths possible, and they may be really different, so you really have fun when you've finish one, to start another from scratch.
Not only there are lots of different choices within one class (thieve, assassin, merchant, so on) but there are other choices if you choose another class, so you can spend really a lot of time exploring the different possibilities.
And some things can really only be discovered by a specific class doing something specific, so the more different choices/paths you try, the more things you discover.
It's NOT like in usual RPG when, after having finished the game with your first character, you'll get mainly the same adventure if you decide to start from scratch with another character. The only real difference you'll have would be that instead of killing your ennemies with a sword (if you were a warrior the first time), you'll be killing them with magic if you decided to be magician the second time, but the ennemies and enigma to solve and PNJ and dungeons to explore will be the same.
In Age of Decadence the adventure will be very different between your 2 characters.
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