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December 14th, 2013, 14:12
Originally Posted by mercy View Post
10 or 15 dollars will be realistic price for W2. It will come down after 1.0, few patches and a couple of Steam weekend/holiday deals.

W2 is not an AAA game, not that professional, especially in graphics. Devs needed a lot of help, input from us to make it right and it's far from done. They are asking for more input to mess the game up as little as possible.
What in the world are you talking about? The devs got a lot of input from fans because it was a crowd-funded game, not because they needed it to "make it right". And beta/early access is a part of that collaborative promise. Have you been following this game's development at all?

And if you are really concerned with AAA graphics, I am not sure this is the best site for you to frequent for gaming news. In terms of gameplay, C&C, and content, this certainly appears to worth every bit of the AAA price tag to me. People have mentioned 10-20 GB for the beta download, which to me means there must be a lot of data. Sure, it could probably be fine-tuned, but it looks to me like most of us are getting exactly what we wanted.
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