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December 15th, 2013, 15:14
Originally Posted by zahratustra View Post
You are into zen kōans or something was lost in a translation?
Nothing is lost in translation because there is no translation.

All it takes is to watch the vids and see the level of tactics involved in the gameplay. Then the question is answered.

Originally Posted by vurt View Post
It would be pretty dumb to only use the word isometric to describe 2D isometric games. Only describing Wasteland 2 as "a 3D RPG" is far less descriptive than saying it's an Isometric 3D RPG (which it is), you directly understand that it shares the same view as FO1-2, Wasteland 1 etc.

Complete nonsense. That will only depend on the artist(s) skills of creating the proper depth. I can clearly see depth and distance in BG or even in lower res games such as FO1-2 or Arcanum.
So anytime, in a movie, a scene is shot with a similar angle, it makes this movie scene isometric. If enough of the movie is shot with that angle, it makes it an isometric movie.
People have proven so far their willingness to use words to cover other meanings. But using the word isometric does not make this game an isometric game.
And I would find it extremelly hard to believe that, considering the size of industry movie in the US, there is no word in the english language to refer to that cam angle.
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