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December 16th, 2013, 21:19
Well I "finished" Witcher 2 on dark mode, and found it great, once I got the hang of combat rhythm and tactics. Area of effect aard and igni, with swords to finish the stunned or on fire, plus lots of dodging and quen is much more fun than the less reliable Yrden trapping. However, I was unable to beat the operator and his gargoyles, … yet. Group aard seems to be key (with the freezing upgrade), but the elite gargoyles are too fast and deadly (not to mention the protected fireball spamming mage). Will try it again as I finish the other paths.

I played the Roche path fairly honestly as a Termerian patriot and avoided killing whenever possible, with all the relevant choices (and in some cases not so good consequences). I'm wondering if characters spared or killed will make a difference in Witcher 3, with a save game import? Anyone know? The choices made in Witcher 1 seemed to have only minor effects in Witcher 2, sadly.

I've been rewinding history and replaying forwards taking different paths at branch points to see how things change (like the Roche/Triss branch in chapter 3), and the Roche/Iorveth branch in chapter 1. I'm liking the lighter Iorveth branch in Vergen more than Roche's path in the somber Kaedweni camp. I'm playing this path more cavalier (we'll except for saving the elves in the tower). So many choices, not sure if I want to bother trying all possible combinations. We'll see.
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