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December 17th, 2013, 20:33
Howdy - I would say the two things that most visually impact the game would be the textures and the ENB presets. Textures as they increase the overall detail and the quality of everything you are looking at. ENB presets because an ENB can completely overhaul the entire look of the game with a simple install.

ENB's are basically post-processing graphical software presets that alter the look of a game by changing colors, lighting, shadows, contrast, brightness, and adding any number of special effects to things like the sky, clouds, water (above and below), fires/lighting, etc.

You can only use one ENB at a time (although when you get to understand how they work you can add/remove pieces of code between them if you wish - I do that for some things) but they are easy to work with, once over the learning curve, and the best thing is they don't harm your saved games in anyway as they are merely a graphical overlay for the most part. Skyrim ENB code also has options for increasing the stability of the game engine and memory via ENBboost.

Here is the S.T.E.P Guide that explains a lot: http://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENB

ENB code changes a lot as the creator, Boris, is often working on it. Some of the most popular ENB presets are built around version 119, 221, and 236. The most current version is 240 and still under development (but has some cool features in regards to 3Dclouds, cloud shadows, and more).

Here is my mod list effected 2013-11-07: http://home.comcast.net/~thunor/imag…nfig/mods.html

If you have any questions on them let me know. A few are my own custom mods. I focus mainly on "pretty" and lore friendly. I play to explore and enjoy the scenery as well as do stories, screen archery, and just have fun. The list has changed but not to much as I tend to lock down changes after a while so I keep a stable game (except non-ESP based textures which are pretty much safe to play with).

I don't tweak my INI files much at all - just the common ones needed to run an ENB and a couple related to grass (required for some popular foliage and grass mods).

As to what to pick for your ENB? At lot depends on your taste and your PC. ENB can be VERY FPS hungry. I have a Titan 6G card, 16GB Ram, and run Skyrim on my SSD. I do downsampling from 1440x2560 to 1080x1920 and run most of my ENB on high to ultra settings … and my average outdoor FPS is about 20-30 (depends on ENB) and indoors is about 30-50.

The basics tend to focus on: Realism (real world look), True to Vanilla (these tend to be the most performance friendly as they use minimal special effects), Dark/Bleak (a desaturated and grim look), Super Colorful (heavy on saturation, very bright and vibrant colors), and Cinematic/Atmospheric (general group that focuses more on a distinct look or style, often cinematic in appearance. I like realism and cinematic/atmospheric myself. Some ideas:

Realism: True Vision, Real Vision
Vanilla: Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB Redone
Colorful: Seasons of Skyrim, Rudy ENB, K ENB Extensive by Kyokushinoyama
Cinematic/Atmospheric: Somber ENBs, Unreal Cinematic
Bleak/Darker: Bleak/Unbleak ENB, Poupouri

ENBs are highly subjective and personalized. Everyone has their favorites and tend to be passionate about them. The ones I listed are just random ones I happened to think of while writing this. True Vision and Project ENB by Bronze316 are two of my favorites, as well as the entire Somber suite of ENBS (I manage a couple of them).

Anyhow let me know if you have more questions. Here are some sample shots:

Samples of a very Cinematic/Atmospheric ENB (Vintage Look) from Grims Vintage Somber:

Rudy ENB by Rudy102:

Somber Antique by Tansarville

True Vision by Bronze316

Poupouri First Seed by Machiimachii

Far Off ENB by Far327 using a "claymation" DOF which makes things look like minatures:

A lot more over on my Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
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