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December 19th, 2013, 04:13
There's been a few minor changes, here and there, since I last downloaded the character generator. So I'm aware it's out of date.

A few points:

- TWF feats now (maybe WAI?) work with animal form. Tested it on a quick and dirty Iconic rough up of this.

- This build basically requires Human due to feat restrictions. An alternative is 17/2/1 with a Fighter level thrown in to help fit in all the martial feats. The Monk restricted feat list is too restrictive.

- As should be obvious from the build, you remain centered in animal form, as long as all other requirements are met.

- 32 points into NW is basically required for the cooldown reduction for casting in wolf form. Rest went into Shintao for a small measure of defense and dps, and SH for SLAs and spell power.

- Fire elemental form w/ Body of the Sun would probably be higher dps than wolf, later on. So long as nothing is immune to fire.

- Flame blades do not uncenter you. So that is an option as well. Wolf form will make it use STR as normal, rather than WIS, for to-hit and damage. Handwraps are the likely choice though, for most situations.

The theory is a group-healing melee, much in tune with Mirys' original build. Spell points will be low, meaning it'll be a buffer/healer/dpser, with limited spell dps options from SLAs and AoE DoTs. This is actually a more solo-friendly build, but with us shortmanning regularly, and having the basics covered in TR5, more versatile characters get more use.

The thing I'm not happy with is the low reflex, making evasion that much less useful. It's also Paladin-like in it's MAD nature. I need STR, CON, DEX, and WIS, and could use INT for skills.

It's all theoretic anyway. I'll probably think more on a build later, as we close in on the next TR group.
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