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December 20th, 2013, 12:52
Despite all the (probably more or less justified) griping the preview reads positive to me. All the important bits that Inxile promised to deliver seem to be in.


In fact, it’s surprisingly… peppy and quietly flashy in many respects. It doesn’t jabber on for too long, it’s quick to offer flexibility, fights feel fairly fast and hard-hitting despite the staccato turn-taking, the camera’s fully-adjustable and the environments are jolly nice, pulling off a fine mix of arid wasteland and detail-packed clutter of post-nuclear civilisation.
Wasteland 2 also requires some creative thinking on occasion – saving a drowning boy, for example, involves realising that a certain skill might affect a certain object. If you don’t establish that quickly enough, or none of your party members have that skill, they will literally watch the boy drown, and the game and relevant NPCs will then reflect that outcome. Clearly I can’t say how much of that sort of thing will abound in the finished game, but I like the idea that if you’re just not enough of a thinker, not enough of a hardbitten wilderness survivor, you’re going to experience very different turns of events to other players. The world also feels reasonably fat with places and people, things to do/kill and options to make an enemy out of almost anyone even at this early stage, which bodes well for the future.
Swen was right in that last D:OS video. People should only get these early versions if they can handle the fact that things may turn out to be quite broken on occasion.

That said these guys too have probably got a lot of work to do here. Seems this one may slip further too…
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