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December 20th, 2013, 19:14
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
Which boss are you stuck on MadGamer and what build are you playing?
When I wrote my above post I was stuck on the Tower Knight boss. I finally beat him last night though. It took me a few hours to figure out there were stairs I could run up. Then I discovered the archers who were making my life miserable, though I never noticed them earlier because the Knight would just step on me in two seconds and I'd be dead. I'm a slow learner.

But once I discovered the stairs and took out the archers, I used my ranged magic to take him out fairly easily. I suppose this is the gutless way of taking care of him, but I don't care he's dead. Dead is dead. I think I will mold this guy into a caster like I did in Dark Souls. I don't know if that makes the game easier or if I'm just really good at playing that particular class. But it worked for me in Dark Souls (mostly) and so maybe it will in Demon's Souls also.

Also, in regard to your DSFIX problems, I used DSFIX with Dark Souls (steam version) and did not have any issues. BUT I did play with a controller so maybe I just didn't notice the mouse problems. I used DSFIX just for the higher resolution.
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