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December 21st, 2013, 05:08
We had a major bump due to a bundle that we were involved in that just barely ended, but not a holiday sale.

I'm really terrible at this. I know I need to spend more time on FK1, but I'm devoting whatever I time I have into the sequel, so I've been going a little bit bass-ackwards. Like I'm expecting the sequel (which will be AWESOME, of course!) to help sell the original.

At this rate, however, I might have both FK1 and FK2 get on Steam at the same time…

I should caution that while it's still early enough that a couple of ideas from this post *could* get incorporated into FK2 &3, it's not really designed around that. Even so, they have the most complicated spell system (under the hood) of any CRPG ever made, IMO.
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