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December 21st, 2013, 21:15
If they are making a prequel, it would be hard for me to buy this game - for the same reason it is hard (for me) to replay nowaday series and enjoy its story. IMHO it would be also an evidence that they screwed the lore so much, that they don't know what to do next with their wretched conlusion of the original saga.
But if reviews were superb I would give it a try with curiosity… Ofc after ME3 I will wait long enough to read/watch reviews other than ign's or gamespot's hype. I don't want to rewrite some conspiracy theories about developers paying them for reviews, in fact I want to say sth worse: I think that their love to all sorts of cliches, acceptance for intellectual marasmus, ingorance for the narrative bullshit and plotholes which are so devastating for RPGs …ufff… is one of the reasons developers are not pushing the level of storytelling, plot, ideas of their games higher and higher - instead: lowering it. It is a small exaggeration but i think there is a truth in it.
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