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December 22nd, 2013, 13:25
Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
Would it be smart business decision to make Alpha Protocol 2 though? I found it a really enjoyable game, but the mainstream audience and reviewers had quite a different opinion (Idiots all of course, like all the people who doesn't share my opinion. You can have whatever opinions you like as long as they're the same as mine.)
I think some problems with Alpha Protocol was that it was hard for a lot of people how to play it. It looked like a shooter but were in fact a rather classical rpg, that, and the rather wonky camera gave it a bad start.

I remember trying to play it fluently, more similar to eg DX:HR and getting upset about the clunky controls and movement. I first enjoyed it when I retraced my steps and played it a bit more tactical.

If they did a AP2, my opinion is that they should opt for more of a DX approach to part of the camera and movements.

Wont happen, but were entitled to dream :-)

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