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December 23rd, 2013, 10:05
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I am new to pc gaming and even though i have a decent rig i am in love with fallout 1 and Icewind dale.. only 2 games i played on the pc since a friend highly recommended them, these older games are amazing and i find myself addicted to games from late 90's to early 2000's, any suggestions to this new pc gamer…thank you.

P.S- I could go in-depth into my love for these two games but i wnna keep it short and simple.
I have some slightly older suggestions:

I think that the various Goldbox series (Forgotten Realms, Krynn, Savage Frontier, and Buck Rogers) are fairly similar to Icewind Dale in spirit. They are fairly linear dungeon crawls where you roll a party and fight a ton of tactical battles.

The Darksun games are slightly newer and stronger RPGs (thus more Baldurs Gate than Icewind Dale).

Darksun uses an overhead view that isnt quite isometric, the Goldbox games use first person for exploration and isometric for combat.
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