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December 23rd, 2013, 14:34
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
- Poor marketing by dtp
This is the major reason.

The second reason is some odd ongoing selling scheme where you couldn't buy those games easily just anywhere. Yes, the stupidity still continues, the last release (the whole saga drmfree on one DVD) I had to "smuggle" from amazon.com. See, amazon.com won't ship it to my country so I had to pay to the third party (they have an office both here and in USA so amazon delivers it to their US office then they've sent it here and etc).
Usually I wouldn't bother with that shipment sillyness like it's nuclear weapons I'm trying to import, but I couldn't buy TroT expansion anywhere else before and it's included on this DVD.

One thing to add, I could buy it from amazon.de, no problems there, they do ship it no questions asked, but it'd be worthless as the game there is with german language only and I don't speak german!

But IMO if Drakensang somehow ever comes on GOG, it'll sell like a cure.


Still replaying Skyrim.
As I've said, I've finished Dragonborn DLC almost completely (can't kill the overpowered giant boss in a cave that kills me with 2 hits yet, and can't find some "brother") and unlike vanilla game this DLC is awsome.
Built all 3 houses from another DLC, messed with it for hours, etc, even adopted a kid, that DLC is utterly stupid and you gain nothing from it. It's not fun at all unless I've missed something. Everything with it is boooooooooring. The only thing from it worth something is that my smithing skill got a few levels.

In the vanilla finished companions and mages quest chains, many sidequests and a few main story quests. Next I plan to do is thieves guild.
Bugs are still there, many bugs, but I admit not as much as in the initial release. Instead of over 500, let's say now I've seen only 500.
Unbelievably, Lydia is still blocking passages but this time when she does it, I just fus-ro-dah her. Decided not to use unblock mod - simply don't want mods for stuff that were supposed to be patched by Bethesda.
Poor Lydia, right? Feel free to accuse me of sexism, violence and whatever else. Kids will learn much from this game. If a woman is stubborn, shout on her like crazy. That's why it's GOTY. Unlike other games, GOTY contains an education.
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