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December 23rd, 2013, 14:49
Douglas Corrigan was an American aircraft mechanic and eventually a(n American) pilot. He was an excellent mechanic, and took part in building the "Spirit of st. Louis" which Charles Lindbergh used for his record-breaking 1927 non stop flight from New York to Paris.

Impressed by Lindbergh, Mr. C decides that he would do the same, but (for some reason) choosing Dublin as his target in stead of Paris. In 1933 he bought a Curtiss Robin OX-5 monoplane and installed two (stronger) Wright Whirlwind J6-5 engines for said purpose. Unfortunately the authorities (Bureau of Air Commerce) wasn't too pleased, deeming his plane unsound for transatlantic flight. After numerous modifications, which at times made his plane grounded (by the authorities), eventually, in 1938 his plane still didn't qualify for a transatlantic flight, but was allowed a transcontinental flight from somewhere in California to the Floyd Bennett [email protected] York, and from the same airfield back to somewhere i California, aka "There and back again". After spending 27 hours going to New York, his logged flight plan was to return to California the 17th of July.

And off he went. Unfortunately, after flying for 26 hours he realized that the landscape ahead, which was supposed to be California, looked very much like Ireland. And indeed it was (very much like Ireland), which was confirmed when he 1 hour later landed at the Baldonnel [email protected] His navigation error was due to heavy clouds so he couldn't see where he was, and besides it was too d* dark for him to see his commpass anyway.

According to Wikipedia "Aviation officials took 600 words to list the regulations broken by his flight in a telegram (a medium that encourages brevity by charging at a rate per word)", which earned him a 14 days suspension of his pilot's certificate. And the nickname "Wrong Way" Corrigan.

He later endorsed a watch that ran backwards.

pibbur who actually has a wrong way clock on a wall in his den, which btw is the one most likely to show the (roughly) accurate time, except at summer when it's 1 hour behind (just fine, as long as you know about it, and pibbur does)
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