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December 23rd, 2013, 18:39
Well..not really, no.

I think the reality of the effect of bugs in games can be separated in how they affect you, the player, and how they affect the game's sales/reception/reviews. The context of the production/development (i.e. budget/AAA values etc) is certainly important in the latter case and I would gladly agree with most rants regarding hypocrisy and double standards of the gaming media when it comes to titles of Skyrim's scale. I would also agree with how that context can significantly alter you're own perception of the game's quality, I know I would be more forgiving of Divinity: Original Sin bugs than Dragon Age Inquisition bugs and that would play into my personal opinion of the game.

Then there's how the bugs affect your own enjoyment of the game. Unless someone is a purist and would install nothing that doesn't come from the developer and has the publisher's approval, which you are not, I don't see why one would knowingly pass a chance to increase his enjoyment and avoid the frustration that bugs cause. Unless, again, your argument is that the available fixpacks cause practical disadvantages, or disagreeable alterations (see Wolf and G3's CPs) that outweigh their benefits which you seem to be alluding in your wiki example, but wouldn't apply (assumingly) in the unblock mod, I don't see how that inconsistency in principle is justified.
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