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December 23rd, 2013, 18:59
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Kostas, I'm sure you just want to help,
Not really, I haven't even played Skyrim yet. That's partly due to waiting for the situation with the bugs+DLCs+GOTYs+fixpacks+mods to stabilize so that when I get to finally play it it'll be in a shape as better than the original release as Bethesda games usually get. I'm just curious about your reasoning.
You've mentioned DA:I, tell me, did you ever see me saying DA:O was buggy? You didn't. Why? Because Bioware did their part on the patching process! DA2 was a crap excuse of a game, but IIRC I've stumbled upon total of 4 bugs in that game in the release version. No matter how evil they've become,Bioware at least respects fans.
I don't see why you can't give Bethsoft crap not respecting their customers yet still allow yourself to be spared of the problems. My point is that it's yourself who you're punishing. Your meaningfully reacting to their crap is independent of how you go about in your gaming experience.
I'd just like to interject here and point out that I'm not going to say anything to spoil the mood, Chief. I'll just float here and watch. Don't mind me, just sitting here, floating and watching, that's me.
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